• Soulaire Allerai

Ep 21 | Fifteen Blenders Later

If we learned anything in 2020, it's how important our voice is. Whether we're talking to our own heads, to our peers, or to those who think they can rule over us. In order to truly change, it means to speak up when there is injustice, to lean on the people in your life when it gets hard. The hardest part is to be the most honest and real with yourself about what does need to change, making a plan, and sticking to it, until you've reach the you, you've been looking for.

"Change is not our enemy. Change is what we all have to be."

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Show notes

14:28 Timberwolf sighting and asking for signs.

21:08 When deciding to leave an abusive relationship, it's making the decision and doing

it safely.

26:42 Be Empowered in Change. 1) make the decision 2) Ask myself why I don't want to change.

Soulaire discusses weight loss as an example.

41:11 My best tool is my voice and asking for what I need rather than being suppressed and

shut down.

56:28 The importance of setting boundaries in relationships and staying who you are.

76:12 Story of the lawyer who asked "Why would God create sickenss in the world?"

88:47 Make sure your familiar is a highest good familiar. A changeable familiar.


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