• Soulaire Allerai

Ep 29 | Make It 14 Months

As you have probably heard, Soulaire owns a food truck called the Bad Rooster. This episode we delve into their process around building new businesses and goals called the “14 Month Process.“ The biggest thing to remember is you can’t do it alone, so join us in this conversation and maybe start creating your own 14 month plan.

Mentioned in the show

Bacon Fatte's Tator Tot Soup: https://baconfatte.com/tater-tot-dish-soup/

Muddy Paws Bakery: https://www.muddypawscheesecake.com/

Transport Graphics: https://www.tgwraps.com/index.html

EcoShaylee: https://www.ecoshaylee.com/

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