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  • Soulaire Allerai

Ep 36 | Freedom Isn't Free

"I'm tired of hiding, and if more people stop hiding, the more power we have."

- Soulaire

Help Save Our Spring!

This month, the City Council of Eden Prairie has agreed to move forward in plans to develop land that will endanger the health of the fresh water spring that provides drinking water for thousands of people from miles away.

Click here to donate for the appeal the City Councils decision to deny the Environmental Assessment or email Ron Case, Governor of Eden Prairie.

Today's episode is pure, raw, and passionate. Soulaire is alone on the mic, with a speech on what true freedom is. Visit and find us on facebook for the links mentioned in the episode.

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Show Notes

(Timestamps are approximate)

0:00:00 No one should be dying just because - that is not freedom. Saying no, setting boundaries. That's freedom.00:11:00 Be wise enough to take a hand outstretched to you.

00:16:00 You can't not care for yourself. Stand for the right reasons, and not the wrong. "Love yourself through life's challenges and you will find the light." It applies to everything, and I can't let my human crap stop me.

00:20:00 Addiction took hold and I fell asleep. But someone loved me enough to pick me up. Figured me out and broke my image.00:29:00How do you handle greif?

00:38:00 Governor in Eden Prairie did not let both sides speak equally and had already made his decision regarding the Frederick Miller Spring. Is that democracy? Wake up, one life to live. Stop being selfish and cruel. Save our country. Speak up to the injustices, write a letter, get involved, make those moments count.

00:53:00 Greif is love on the way out. I hope it reaches somebody, hope it reaches the world in a real way, not false. I'm tired of hiding, and if more people stop hiding, the more power we have. The more laws get changed.

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