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  • Soulaire Allerai

Ep 37 | I Always Have A Choice

In today's episode we dive into a conversation around why we choose what we choose, the illusion of not having a choice, and trusting our gut when a choice is needed to be made.

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Show Notes

00:43:00 What makes one person decide to get sober? And others to not. There are people in life that choose a harder road. When you don't look at all of the emotion and stuff that goes along with the addiction, you're just looking for a taste of

something better. Have to really look at why you are choosing to take either the

hard or easy road.

00:48:00 Use the pain of being uncomfortable as a driving force to change it.

00:57:00 How do you change from being a victim to empowered? Soulaire discusses how

she had to be a self driver because no one else is going to drive it. Stop being a

victim to everything around you and no longer blame. Bad things do happen to

good people, but keep going. Make my own decisions that are no longer based

in validation.

1:03:00 People struggle in life because of the external validation that is going on


1:35:00 Begin to tackle things right away, stop holding negative outcomes for people, and

honor the choices of others. All I can do is live the best I can while I am alive.

Take the hand that is offered to help me thrive, not survive. To be in a self

realized state, you must be in a super conscious about decision being made. In a

single moment, choice becomes change.

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