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  • Soulaire Allerai

Ep 78 | Current State of Who I Am

Today Soulaire discusses how honoring ourselves and honoring the people around us, is learning to no longer live at a deficit. To speak up, get to know who we are, and be a whole person in our relationships. If life is the current state of who we are, start discovering happiness inside, so you can than draw it to you.

" Can't plan time - it is not yours.

All you can do is make choices of being happy. "

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Show Notes:

(times are approximate)

00:00:00 What does it look like to honor yourself?

00:12:00 Speaking up, and speaking the truth, are ways of honoring yourself. A lot of people

don’t think of it that way, but when we were kids, we let people know how we were

feeling, and then moved on with our day in a happier place.

00:30:00 Take care of your vehicle aka your body that you are in. If you need a mental health day, take it. Learn to trust your life. I found spiritual practice and realized my soul needed healing from all the trauma I had experienced in life, and even from religion.

00:43:00 The last thing we are taught is to honor ourselves, to speak up, and it's learning to open up and be honest with people. Stop worrying if they will still like you if you are honest, start to stand up for yourself.

00:56:00 Honor yourself by having a better attitude, which will make for a better day. We are like a rollercoaster of emotion, but we don't have to get on, or stay on, that ride.

01:00:00 Think of honoring as a spiritual place for yourself. Here is where I discuss God Self, Unconditional love, and OTLC (One True Light Consciousness), and go through the intentions I set, each morning, to ensure I am walking into my day empowered.

01:06:00 We are in a constant edit mode in life, constantly learning and applying and cutting out the stupid. Don't wallow in it, edit it.

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