• Soulaire Allerai

Ep 20 | Celebrate not Celibate Part 2

Surprise! Here is a bonus episode continuing our conversation from Monday. Enjoy :)

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Show Notes

Treading Water by Chris Kläfford


Hope Has a Place by Enya


11:47 Organized religion and how it treats people who believe differently

- Dunning Kruger Effect.

27:21 Uses art and a missing journal to talk about how when it's something you love, you have

to decide if it's worth salvaging and then take the necessary steps. It's also a reminder to

take what you're really good at and nurture it.

56:01 Soulaire has worn a lot of spiritual hats and walks us through a bit of her journey and

experience with different religions and how it shaped them as a person.

66:46 We're all God, were all it, if we can embrace that incredible state of who we are, we'll be on

the winning side of it. It comes down to understanding that human love, conditional love, is

painful. Unconditional love is…I love you. No expectation of it returning.

80:17 Body principles paired up that leads into a conversation around Heart intelligence. Heart

Intelligence is going to guide you to be more kind, to speak truth and is really what

governs us as people. "


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